Good day at the shopping mall

Tips for Delighting Your Customers

Most sought-after companies strive for just one thing: excellent customer satisfaction. However, you have to think – is it enough to just satisfy your customers’ satisfactions? It’s one thing to provide the product or service that your customers pay for, but it’s a different story to go beyond what they’re expecting. Providing an overall awesome experience is sure to earn you a lot of loyal customers. However, that requires proper planning.

How do you start giving that memorable experience to your customers?

The littlest things matter.

Any gift, no matter how big or small, does a lot of wonders. The cost doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive because at the end of the day, the thought is what counts. For companies, it can come in a form of a coupon or a freebie – anything that has to do with your products and services. Whatever you would decide to give as a present, make sure that it’s something useful, entertaining and worthwhile.

Lend your ears.

Customers often look for staffs that are sincere and ready to listen. Give your clients the opportunity to share information with you. If you ask people for their comments or concerns, make sure you follow-up right away by addressing some personal information they shared. If they tell you they are into music, send them a link to a song, etc. Show them you have taken the time to learn what is important to them.

Prioritize your clients.

Sending a thank-you note to a loyal customer should not be the end of your deal. Follow-up with clients to inform them of other services and products that you think might be of need to them. If you have a sale coming, don’t just inform them; give them an early access.

Know your boundaries and respect clients’ preferences.

Most companies nowadays are obtaining a lot of unnecessary data to meet a certain level of legal protection. However, customers should not feel that you are invading their privacy. Give them the chance to opt out and remain private so that they will have the idea that they are still in control. If there are lists that they wish to be removed from, make sure you comply to that request as soon as possible.

Know their culture.

Don’t stereotype your clients and make assumptions about who they, what they prefer and how they respond. Get to know their location and neighbourhood, and try to express an interest in their culture. Find a common ground that could help you relate more to them. The moment you don’t make it about the money, the more your customers will come back to you.