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Jun 2016

How to Attract More People to Your Small Business

Businessman hand putting check mark with marker on customer service evaluation form on clear glass whiteboard isolated

With the many businesses here and there, the deal now is that no one wants to be sold to anymore. It is important that you give consistently to eventually get business, especially if you are offering professional services. Here are some tips on how you can attract more customers:   Consumers look at your service. …

Jan 2016

Expenses That Can Spur Growth


Not all expenses are detrimental to the business (or the pocket). Looking at it in the business aspect, the business is set with expenditure norms for spending from the beginning. Know that there are two types of expenses: the Good Expenses and Bad Expenses. Let’s focus on the former. Good Expenses are like the ‘muscles’ of the …

Jul 2015

Knowing When Your Small Business is Ready for The Next Level


Congratulations.  After worry, and struggle, and many days with very long hours, you did it – you built a successful small business.  You should enjoy the feeling.  Now that things have settled down, or at least settled down as much as they’re going to, you’ve started to wonder:  What’s my next step?  Is it time …