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Jun 2016

How to Attract More People to Your Small Business

Businessman hand putting check mark with marker on customer service evaluation form on clear glass whiteboard isolated

With the many businesses here and there, the deal now is that no one wants to be sold to anymore. It is important that you give consistently to eventually get business, especially if you are offering professional services. Here are some tips on how you can attract more customers:   Consumers look at your service. …

Jun 2016

Building Better Working Relationships

businessmen sitting at the desk and holding hands with thumbs up gesture,

Establishing and maintaining healthy working relationships is the key to having a positive workplace. Effective businesses are the ones which encourage the development of positive relationships between employers and employees as well as amongst colleagues. How do we start doing this? Here are some tips for everyone:   Have a clear and concise company mission …

Jun 2016

Digital Advertising and What It Does for Your Small Business

Interactive digital marketing channels illustration

The world has rapidly shifted from analogue to digital – and the change has been amazing (or overwhelming for some)!  You would notice how people are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis – may it be on their mobile phones, desktop computers at work, laptops, tablets, etc.   You might be …

Feb 2016

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

Business man and woman challenging on a running track

If your heart is set out on starting your own business – CONGRATULATIONS! The first step to any success is to really put your mind, heart and soul in whatever you do. Having your own business requires great effort, patience and wise decision-making skills.   Here are some things to consider when you are diving …

Feb 2016

Business Ideas for the Love Month

Florist woman prepares a big bouquet of red roses. One hundred and one dutch rose. Florist flower shop. Holland. Wrapping paper. Concept holiday, birthday, World Women's Day, Valentine's Day, 8 March

If you are a smart entrepreneur who has extra time on your hands, then why not turn Valentine’s Day into a sideline? February 14 is a celebrated holiday worldwide. People don’t hold back on giving gifts, having parties, and basically just having fun with loved ones. If you want to earn some extra bucks, you …

Jan 2016

Tips for Delighting Your Customers

Good day at the shopping mall

Most sought-after companies strive for just one thing: excellent customer satisfaction. However, you have to think – is it enough to just satisfy your customers’ satisfactions? It’s one thing to provide the product or service that your customers pay for, but it’s a different story to go beyond what they’re expecting. Providing an overall awesome …

Jul 2015

Knowing When Your Small Business is Ready for The Next Level


Congratulations.  After worry, and struggle, and many days with very long hours, you did it – you built a successful small business.  You should enjoy the feeling.  Now that things have settled down, or at least settled down as much as they’re going to, you’ve started to wonder:  What’s my next step?  Is it time …