Money on a flower pot

Start a Business for Less than $100

Putting up your own business is surely easier said than done. With all the family-owned and start-up small companies nowadays, some people also want to have their own businesses put up. However, money would always be a big factor. You might have awesome ideas but you’d also be thinking about spending, raising or borrowing money for your ideas to materialize. Most people fail to have a successful business even before they actually put up one.


Chris Guillebeau, an American entrepreneur and nonfiction author, said, “Just as you don’t need someone else’s permission to be happy, you also don’t need a lot of money to start a business”.


Here are some business ideas that will thrive for a capital of only $100:


Tutoring Services

This business is big nowadays. More and more wealthy parents are willing to spend extra money to make sure that their children are learning in advanced as opposed to other children. If you are an entrepreneur who would want to venture on this business, you can pick up one subject that’s most familiar to you. Research on a location, their curriculum, the usual prices of tutoring services, and you can focus on that. You would find also find some tutors who are offering services to other countries via video chat.


Freelance Jobs

If you are a master of several skills, you might want to consider working for just one employer. The world of freelance is expanding more by the hour. You can look for employers seeking freelancers, and if you are confident that you can contribute to what they’re looking for, then go ahead and offer your services. There are websites that can help you reach out to this type of employers. Let yourself be your own business.


Cooking Services

If you enjoy cooking during your free time, why not turn that into a business? You can do so just by getting your own corner at a farmer’s market, for example. You can also sell online – use social media platforms to reach out to more clients in a non-expensive way. Selling food is not too risky because, well, it’s food. As long as your creations are delicious, then you’ll be sure to have buyers.


Android/iPhone App Developer

In line with the technological advancements, mobile applications bring in a lot of money to their developers. If you have an awesome idea for an online app, then you might want to try and make your own to sell to the public. There are available tools that can help you create apps easily. Once your app is ready, venture the iTunes and Android marketplaces for an easier selling process.