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Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Need in 2016

Your business might be doing well or it can also be falling – whatever your current status is, you still have to perform a marketing audit of the past year to see the areas to continue and the ones that need improvement. It’s easy to come up with a system that works, but the main challenge is to maintain the success of your strategies. The world is ever-changing, and the same can be said about marketing trends.

Here are some strategies that can help your business thrive more this year:

Content Marketing

Since we live in a technological era, content marketing is becoming a valuable strategy to both big and small businesses. It lets your brand stay in your customers’ minds without overselling your business. Customers hate receiving messages that bombard them with information they are not interested in. Emails, posts and content that highlight what you do are messages that feel like spam. Your customers will more likely turn off your notifications. With content marketing, however, you give them fun and interesting information that would keep them engaged.

Mobile Approaches

According to one study, 51% of Internet users browse on their mobile phones. If you haven’t started thinking about how your business looks like on mobile devices, you should start thinking about that now. With the continuing advancements of mobile technology, businesses should make mobile strategy a priority. How does your website look on a mobile device? Are your emails optimized for reading on multiple devices? Should you be making a mobile app about your business?

Quality Videos

Did you know that the number of uploaded videos on YouTube every minute comes close to 300? Video content is becoming one of the most used forms of media on the Internet. Advertisers are quick to use video as the dominant medium for capturing their consumers’ attention. You should be doing this – if you haven’t yet!

Online Reviews

Consumers now have more power when it comes to making or breaking a company’s name through review platforms such as Google Review, for one. For those businesses that keep their customers satisfied, that is such great news! Businesses can easily gain new referrals. Some consumers also rely on these said reviews especially when buying pricey or new products. These reviews will be able to tell you how your business is doing, as well as the things you need to improve from your clients’ perspectives.