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How to Attract More People to Your Small Business

With the many businesses here and there, the deal now is that no one wants to be sold to anymore. It is important that you give consistently to eventually get business, especially if you are offering professional services. Here are some tips on how you can attract more customers:


Consumers look at your service.

It is important that you and your staff work hand-in-hand when building relationships with prospective clients. You have to provide valuable content, and you also have to engage people to build a relationship. How can that be done? Simply by being a good listener and making sure that you are a trusted resource before you actually attempt to sell anything.


Have a clear understanding of your business.

This is more than just knowing your services or the products you are offering. You have to dig deeper than that. What do you EXACTLY do and how does it serve your customers? It is also important to consider how you serve your customers and how you help them solve their problems.


Focus on a specific customer.

There can be many different types of customers, so it’s important that you develop a detailed customer profile. Ask questions like, ‘Who is your customer?’, ‘How does she live?’, ‘Does she have children?’, ‘Is she a millennial or a baby boomer?’, and etc. You have to make sure that your marketing messages and content speak directly and specifically to her. You have to keep in mind that if everybody can use your service or product, then no one actually will!


Attract your niche customer.

Some marketing methods work better than others – and this depends on who your customer is. After developing your customer profile, your goal now is to figure out how to reach out to them specifically. The more niche-focused your business is in the marketplace, the easier it will be to reach your market.


Determine a marketing approach.

This now will be determined by your niche target customer. Here are some ideas on how you can reach your target customers:


*Great Website

*Blogging / Content Marketing

*Pay-Per-Click Ads

*Email Marketing

*Flyers / Billboards

*Newspaper / Magazines



Have a referral machine.

Your happy customers should be turned into an unpaid sales force for your business. You can think of ways on how to incentivize your customers with special sales and discounts so they will tell their friends about your business. You have to find unique ways to acknowledge and reward your most loyal customers. Everyone loves acknowledgment!