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Jul 2016

10 Helpful Small Business Budgeting Tips

Business chart showing financial success

Not many entrepreneurs know a lot of things about finances. In fact, some businesses fail because their funds were mismanaged. The problem is, whether you like it or not, finances are an important factor when running a business – both big and small.   Here are some helpful financing tips that can surely do more …

Jul 2016

Famous Companies That Started in a Garage

garage with different colors

Some people believe that in order to start a business, they should have a corporate office first. That’s where some people go wrong. It might surprise to you know that there are several multi-billion dollar companies that started in the unlikeliest of places: the garage.   However big they might seem now, some of the …

Jun 2016

Never Ask for Loans from Family and Friends

Woman refusing loans from anyone

Borrowing money is not an easy decision to make – it is a very important one. Before borrowing money, determine first if the loan is absolutely necessary, or if saving up for it is a better option. Once you have decided that you do need to borrow money, the amount that you need to borrow …

Mar 2016

Small Businesses: Why You Need to Support Them


There’s absolutely nothing ‘small’ about small businesses. In Canada, small businesses are often advertised as the backbone of Canada’s economy. According to Industry Canada, 98.2% of all Canadian companies comprise of small businesses and 69.7% of Canadians work for small businesses as of 2013. It is quite impressive to think how these people are able …

Mar 2016

Tips for Opening Another Business Location

Businessman holding compass

As your business thrives and becomes established, you are sure to consider having to expand it by opening a new location. Whether you are leasing or purchasing the location, this investment requires significant capital. Some business owners finance a new location by using a business loan or mortgage from lenders. However, before you start to …

Jun 2015

Why Asking Your Family And Friends For A Loan Is A Bad Idea


The hardest part of getting any small business off the ground isn’t coming up with a concept, but coming up with the funds to back your new venture. Asking for money, especially as an investment in a new business, is difficult – on top of a lengthy application process involving plenty of legwork to prove …