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Apr 2016

How to Launch a New Product

new arrival sign

In the older days, launching a product or a service includes hiring a PR agency that would craft a press release and set up a press tour. Before the actual date of the launch, you would be required to hit the road so you can meet with reporters from different important press outlets. On the …

Apr 2016

Customer Service: Dealing with Difficult Customers

Young woman discontent with goods at shopping mall

Remember the saying “The customer is always right”? While this may be true, it doesn’t mean that all customers are easy to deal with. In fact, some customers are really unruly. However, if you want to stay in the business industry, you have to know how to deal with difficult customers accordingly. Here are some …

Mar 2016

Customer Satisfaction All-Year Round

heart shape business

If you are a business owner, planning to start your own business, or employed in a small business, then you should be concerned about whether or not you’re giving satisfaction to your customers. This is basically what sets small businesses apart from national ones. In small businesses, each customer is treated with utmost respect and …

Mar 2016

Small Businesses: Why You Need to Support Them


There’s absolutely nothing ‘small’ about small businesses. In Canada, small businesses are often advertised as the backbone of Canada’s economy. According to Industry Canada, 98.2% of all Canadian companies comprise of small businesses and 69.7% of Canadians work for small businesses as of 2013. It is quite impressive to think how these people are able …

Mar 2016

Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Need in 2016

small business sign pinned on a cork board

Your business might be doing well or it can also be falling – whatever your current status is, you still have to perform a marketing audit of the past year to see the areas to continue and the ones that need improvement. It’s easy to come up with a system that works, but the main …

Jan 2016

Tips for Delighting Your Customers

Good day at the shopping mall

Most sought-after companies strive for just one thing: excellent customer satisfaction. However, you have to think – is it enough to just satisfy your customers’ satisfactions? It’s one thing to provide the product or service that your customers pay for, but it’s a different story to go beyond what they’re expecting. Providing an overall awesome …

Nov 2015

The Paralysis of Choice – Cutting Down Customer Options

Businessman standing in front of the choise

Imagine you’re in the mood to buy some jam. You have no particular preference regarding the flavour. You arrive at the jam section of the supermarket and instead of a few brands and varieties you find a hundred different kinds of jam. Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc. all with additional added flavours. Which do you choose? …

Jun 2015

Why Small Businesses Should Take Customer Complaints Seriously

Young couple doesn't like the service and food at cafe

One of the most important strategies a small business can have in growing and maintaining a loyal clientele is to pay attention to their critics, especially the ones who take the time to give voice to their concerns. A 2010 Customer Experience Report by RightNow Technologies found that the number one reason customers leave a …