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Mar 2016

Customer Satisfaction All-Year Round

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If you are a business owner, planning to start your own business, or employed in a small business, then you should be concerned about whether or not you’re giving satisfaction to your customers. This is basically what sets small businesses apart from national ones. In small businesses, each customer is treated with utmost respect and …

Mar 2016

Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Need in 2016

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Your business might be doing well or it can also be falling – whatever your current status is, you still have to perform a marketing audit of the past year to see the areas to continue and the ones that need improvement. It’s easy to come up with a system that works, but the main …

Dec 2015

Capitalizing on a Spike in Business


It might be due to a natural uptick that comes with the holiday season, it might be due to a good review in a local paper or online, or the reason may be seemingly inexplicable – but your business is booming. The concern, of course, is that all good things do tend to come to …

Aug 2015

Tips to Build Customer Loyalty

Improve Customer Loyalty

Getting customers can be difficult and turning them into regulars can be even more so.  That’s why all good customers should be treated like the treasured assets they are.  They are the gifts that keep on giving, or at least buying, and those relationships should be enhanced and protected whenever possible.  The act of turning …

Jun 2015

Why Small Businesses Should Take Customer Complaints Seriously

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One of the most important strategies a small business can have in growing and maintaining a loyal clientele is to pay attention to their critics, especially the ones who take the time to give voice to their concerns. A 2010 Customer Experience Report by RightNow Technologies found that the number one reason customers leave a …