Angelo's Story

Waterfront Seafood Market

Bought more inventory to meet increasing customer demand

Purchased new equipment that gave him a competitive edge

Grew his business 15% year over year, faster than he expected

“If you enjoy your job and enjoy making people happy, it’s an adrenaline, you’ll always come back to it…”

Angelo always had a vision for his business; listen to your customers and give them something that no one else can offer. His industry is filled with larger retailers that try to reduce prices by scaling operations. So why has Angelo been so successful and boasts such a loyal customer base?

Customer service and an outstanding product.

Angelo knows who his competition is, but he believes that as long as he continues to give his customers something personal, there’ll be no slowing down his growth. He orders products from all over the globe. He makes custom dishes upon request. He knows every one of his weekly visitors by first name.

This has been his winning formula so far.

But while his innovative ideas and dedication to the personal touch has helped build his business, Angelo knew that all good ideas need one thing to get them off the ground, capital investment. While traditional options were available to Angelo, he always looked for solutions that worked at the same pace as he did. If he had an idea, he wanted to be ready to execute it the next week. This is how Angelo came across Capify.

Fast forward two years and Angelo has continued his growth but he’s not stopping here. Why ask them to come to you, when you can go to them? These are the questions that make Angelo unique. This is what makes him competitive in his industry. He plans to expand his operations through a few local farmer’s markets. “A fish stand on the go” as he puts it. Again, he always puts his customers first and he’s already begun looking into renewing with Capify to put his plan into motion.

Good luck, Angelo. We look forward to continuing to work with great people like you.

The Waterfront Seafood Market was established with the goal of providing customers with quality service, a warm traditional market environment and an extensive line of the freshest fish and seafood available. Visit to learn more about Angelo and his business.