Jan 2016

Beating Your Business’ Winter Blues

unhappy man in blue suit in front of lcd monitor

The holiday season is over – now what? Slowly but surely, you will notice that the company cheer you’ve experienced a couple of weeks ago is now fading away. Without the hustle and bustle of the holiday, you will feel the burdensome feeling that the cold season brings. How can you possibly lift up your …

Jan 2016

Expenses That Can Spur Growth


Not all expenses are detrimental to the business (or the pocket). Looking at it in the business aspect, the business is set with expenditure norms for spending from the beginning. Know that there are two types of expenses: the Good Expenses and Bad Expenses. Let’s focus on the former. Good Expenses are like the ‘muscles’ of the …

Jan 2016

How to Launch a New Product

Cutting a red ribbon with scissors concept for new business venture or opening ceremony

Launching a new product will come in easier if your company is already recognized by loyal consumers. However, introducing something new always requires taking risks and expanding to new markets – this is applicable to both known and starting companies. So, how can a product be launched successfully? Have the Steve Jobs approach. Steve Jobs …

Dec 2015

Entrepreneur Resolutions for 2016

Businessman jumps to The New Year 2016.

The end of the year is a time for looking back – taking lessons from the year before and trying to see how they’ll apply to the one fast approaching. Resolutions are part of that process. They’re a promise to ourselves to take some piece of our life and make it that little bit better. …

Dec 2015

Balancing Employee and Business Needs

Young asian & success businessman using tablet, laptop, mobile phone in the park

For a small business employees can become something resembling family. You see your staff every day and get to know them and their personal likes and dislikes. Of course, your business is like your child, and that mean its needs to come first – but that doesn’t mean treating your employees unfairly or in a …

Dec 2015

Capitalizing on a Spike in Business


It might be due to a natural uptick that comes with the holiday season, it might be due to a good review in a local paper or online, or the reason may be seemingly inexplicable – but your business is booming. The concern, of course, is that all good things do tend to come to …

Dec 2015

Maximizing Holiday Sales

Shopping happy woman holding bags. Winter sales.

For a small and mid-sized retailer the last two months of the year are often the most profitable – some will do as much as 40% of their annual sales just in November and December – which is why making sure this critical period is as busy as possible will help keep your business in …

Nov 2015

Tips for Opening a Specialty Shop

Package design template mockup. Man holding blank coffee package

Perhaps your hobby has grown into something you want to share. Maybe you’re making things that people really seem to love. And maybe you’ve already started making money selling those things. In any case, you’ve decided to make a go of starting your own specialty shop. If you’re selling niche products there are some important …

Nov 2015

The Paralysis of Choice – Cutting Down Customer Options

Businessman standing in front of the choise

Imagine you’re in the mood to buy some jam. You have no particular preference regarding the flavour. You arrive at the jam section of the supermarket and instead of a few brands and varieties you find a hundred different kinds of jam. Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc. all with additional added flavours. Which do you choose? …

Nov 2015

Networking for the Business Owner

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Busy Business People

Being a business owner can often feel a little lonely. You’re at the top, doing your best to make manifest your personal vision for what your business should be. It shouldn’t be this way. By meeting new people, even those who aren’t necessarily in your own industry, you can meet like-minded folks who can give …