4 countries. Over 500M in working capital provided to SMBs

Our Mission:

To help businesses across the globe by providing simple, quick and responsible access to capital 

We are Capify.

We have been operating in Canada for the last 8 years and have built up a reputation as a leader in the Alternative Financing market. We are a company who looks after the needs of our clients through technology,  transparency, and ease of use. 

This philosophy is the cornerstone of how we run our business around the world, including our offices in the US, UK, and Australia. We serve the business owners of the world, one solution at a time.

Driven By Technology

The true merit in the value we offer our clients is in the leading edge tools we employ. Our proprietary underwriting platform and 60 second application process combine to form a simple financing solution 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

Powered by Industry Experts

Our business savvy staff are the key to our success in understanding your needs. From the first quote to funding, we are there to walk you through the process and guide you through your options in finding a solution that works for you. Our people take the time to understand your business goals and how financing can help you achieve them. We are here to support your company through its growth projects, each step of the way.


Partners in Growth

Financing doesn’t make sense if it affects the profitability of your business. This is why we have a number of repayment solutions which will be tailored to your business activity. Repayments are designed to not impact your cash flow or bottom line, allowing you to continue running a successful business. Our flexible repayment terms are the reason our growing client base trusts us as their alternative financing partner.

Our Values:

Customer centric, responsible service.

Accountable for the success of our clients, our partners, our employees and ourselves.

Produce exceptional, high quality results, always.

Integrity and honesty at all times

Focused on delivering innovative solutions

Yearn to help others fulfill their dreams

We are Capify.

Financing your business has never been simpler

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